2018 Wedding Guide

We have realized over the years that even though WE work on weddings all the time, and at this point in our career know the ins and outs of the process pretty well, our couples have usually never done this before! This struck a cord with us and we really wanted to be able to help them! More than just on a referral level, because usually at the point at which they find a photographer they might already have a venue, or a planner, or a caterer! We wanted something we could send to our couples before they book with us just as a helpful guide to help answer some of the most common questions that we are approached with! 

So voila, we created our wedding guide! We are excited to send this to our new couples as well as any other couple that stumbles upon our site as a way to help highlight some moments in the day that maybe they haven't thought of yet! We are also working with a few other event planners and professionals to add to the book with more content about each of our wedding professions! 

Take a look by clicking the image below and let us know what you think!