Gorgeous DIY Lake Tahoe Wedding!


We were whisked away this fall to so many amazing places, and one happened to be Meeks Bay in Lake Tahoe! This little spot blew us away, it was such a beautiful ceremony site, a great little cabin set up next to it, and of course this wedding day was mother nature showing off her crystal blue waters for us!

When we asked Katie to share their love story with us, she took us waaayyy back and we loved it!!

Kyle moved to Truckee when he was 13- the mutual friends we shared were his Truckee friends that went to U of A and my Tahoe friends that went to U of A. We met during the summers of college, Specifically at a bonfire at Paul Miltners. through mutual friends. We remained friends/acquaintances through college until we both had moved back into the Tahoe/Truckee area. We became reconnected when we moved home through two mutual friends who began dating. Our friendship slowly evolved into something more the more time we spent together during a period we called “the awkward eights” (on a scale of 1-10 on the awkward scale, we were an 8 when we hung out with our friends) First date was bagels and smoothies at regional park after a night out at the tourist club. When we became “official” The moment I knew Kyle was someone I wanted to keep around was my birthday, when many of my college friends bombarded my parents house, along with the whole family. As I was hanging out and enjoying all the company I saw Kyle playing horseshoes with both my brothers and my dad, something I didn’t suggest or expect. This was the moment I was like “huh, I think I might keep this one.” He continued to be a trooper throughout a night filled with games, songs performed in my honor, and going out. Kyles moment: When katie moved into my parents house with me during our remodel Whether I was frustrated with the progress of the house, or being too close to my family I could also rely on Katie to pick me up and make everything seem better than it was.. We have been inseparable ever since.

It’s not everyday you find your soulmate in a small town, but sometimes those are the best kinds of love, and these two clearly showcased it!!

The portraits with them were effortless and fun, they made each other laugh and wanted to explore the area around their venue and find some hidden gems around the property which we did!

The ceremony went off without a hitch and some unique twists! Since the ceremony site was so small they only had one bridal party member each, and then Katie’s two brothers both officiated which was super sweet and charming!

I think the best part about the bridal party was her “extended” party, her something blue which were all her best gal pals all in blue who sat up on the rocks behind them during the ceremony!

The couple rented out a bunch of cabins on the lake and had a really awesome intimate wedding experience because of it! They not only had the wedding day, but a few days leading up to it and after with their closest family and friends. The wind was fierce that September day, but it was clear, beautiful, and it definitely was better than snow right?!

The reception was a blast, filled with laughter and happiness and you could really see how happy everyone was for these two. One of the best parts about being a wedding photographer is being able to witness love so often and so regularly! Let’s not kid ourselves that there is always something bad in the media, but when you get to experience love on the regular it doesn’t phase you as much!

The night cooled off a ton but everyone was prepared so the party kept on going and the dancing never stopped! This was one for the books, and I hope these two are okay right now after being FEBRUBURIED (for real!!)