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The Wedding Invitation Hustle!

There are so many options when it comes to planning the invitations for your wedding, and to be honest it can get a little overwhelming... Here are a few quick tips that I wish someone had told me when I was going through the hustle and bustle of planning my own wedding invitations!

Just to start, there are plenty of things you can do to have custom, gorgeous and top of the line invitations, but those of course come with a price tag. If you don't have the budget for custom calligraphy and foiled lined envelopes, here are some cute ideas that will help your invitations come in a close second to those. 

1. Handwritten custom return label stamp

By far the best bang for your buck out there! There is a ton of these on Etsy, and all under about $50! A great addition to your labeling, and it adds the sweet handwritten custom touch! 

Custom Return Address Stamp

2. Recipient Address Labels

Another great idea that I took advantage of was clear labels for the guests addresses. When you actually think of it, most of your recipients wont even notice the clear label, and it saves you the heartache of a strained wrist or hand! If you aren't partial to the clear, there are many other options as well, they even have cute kraft brown paper style labels now for those rustic brides! 

There are a few programs out there for you to actually design your labels, usually sold with the labels you purchase (Avery, etc.) but if you want to get really custom, take a look at some of these free font websites for you to get your very own wedding font! 

I think the best part of using these labels was not only for the wedding, but since you already made the formatted excel or word document for printing, you now have a go-to file for all of those important family members! No more tracking down Aunt Betty's address for thank you cards, Christmas, etc.! 

3. Hidden RSVP numbers

I know that everyone thinks... when you send out your RSVP's there is no way that people would actually respond and send them back nameless, or blank... well it happens... a lot! I think about 20% of our responses had a "Yes! We're coming!" with no name... which led to playing detective and trying to guess who that response was from based on handwriting and process of elimination... If I had known this trick I would have saved myself a lot of grief! 

Basically you make a master list of all your guests, and then you number each RSVP you send out to match... so when Uncle Greg forgets to write him name down, you are in the clear! Another good tip would be to use a black light marker, so they don't EVER even see the number! 

4. Double check addresses!

This is another huge mistake, especially if you are typing up your addresses. Measure twice, cut once right? Make sure you are double checking your invites before you send them out to get all the extra apartment numbers, zip codes etc. correct the first time! Nothing is worse than having 20 or so invites sent back and then having to correct them and send them back out... those people might think they didn't make the cut or are on the "B" list... 

5. Double Seal the envelopes! 

Another mistake that I would have never seen coming... was the adhesive on my exterior envelopes coming undone in the mail... Since there are so many parts to a wedding invitation, take the extra step and get a cute sticker or seal for the back of the envelopes just as a back up! A couple sheets of labels really doesnt break the bank, and it makes them look a little more custom! (If you are really crafty, go for the wax seal!!) 

Etsy Wedding Seals

So there you have it, a few simple tips to help you get through your wedding invitations! Good Luck, and remember to have fun! You only get married once! (right?...)