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Wedding Sparkler Send Off Tips!

Every bride wants to have the most glamorous and magical wedding day, and what is more magical than sparklers?! While it is becoming less of a tradition to send off the bride and groom at the end of the night, when they do want a send off, lets make sure its done right! We get brides asking us about the classic sparkler pictures all the time, and we want to share with you some of the tips we explain to them to achieve that magical moment! 



Surprisingly, that ideal shot that is all over Pinterest and wedding boards, is harder than you think, if the wrong sparklers are bought.. So first and foremost make sure you do your research! I dont want to scare you away, they are not too hard to find, but they are not going to be at your local 4th of July fireworks booth... 

WRONG SPARKLERS... Wedding Send off FAIL

CORRECT SPARKLERS! Wedding Send off WIN!! 



Steps for Success!

1. Make sure you are buying metal sparklers like these (they even have shaped ones!) : 

2. Make sure you read the length and burn time on the sparklers, they have 36" length with a 4 minute burn time, and a smaller 20" length with a 2 minute burn time.... decide how long you are walking and how many guests will be lighting them up! 

3. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get everyone set up, lit up, and positioned for you and your photographer to go go go! :) 

Remember to have fun, and at least with a few of these tips you have a better chance at getting that dream night wedding shot! For more inspiration take a look at this inspiration board from Style Me Pretty

Sparkle Away!