reusable wedding decor

Reusable Wedding Decor!

We all know how trendy DIY weddings have become, and one of the best parts about them is how "green" they can actually be! I am going to go through a few great decoration ideas that you can later reuse in your home!

1. Vintage Picture Frame Seating Chart

Old windows are hard to come by, and since they are popular, they are a little pricey! Why not reuse your great new find in your new home!?

2. Mason Jar Centerpieces 

Mason jars make great centerpieces to add a pop of color, or keep them clear as great candle holders! Of course you can simply reuse the clear ones for jam or canning... (imagine that) but if you take the shabby route here is another great use for them, a cute matching bathroom set! 

3. Crate Decor

A great filler for any rustic wedding are cute crates filled with candles, flowers or pictures! But how can you reuse crates in your home? There are plenty of options, but my favorite is a nice basket! 

4. Handmade Wood Sign 

Wood signs are all the rage right now, but again, a large handmade item can be expensive, so make sure you get something that you absolutely love, and then showcase it in your home after the big day! You can find tons of inspiration on Pinterest (seen above and below), and then find a local vendor to work something up for you. A great resource for custom made signs is a little shop in Sonoma County called SonomaReClaimed, check out their Facebook and Etsy page!

These are just a few useful tips for reusing your wedding decor, so keep this in mind when you are planning your big day! Have fun!