Fashionable Fall Crafts!

I know that most of our posts are about brides and weddings, but as a young family ourselves, I always want to spread the word of fun family ideas to do with your kids when I come across them! 

Now, there are tons of crafters out there, and plenty of things to do with your kids, but at the end of the day... after all of the glue, glitter and disaster, is the craft you completed with your kids something that you really want to put out on display? Or is it more of a... lets put this out for a week until my little one forgets and then I'll toss it kind of craft?...  I know, I know, some of you are probably saying... how cruel, but lets be honest... if we had a list of fun crafts that were festive, artistic, and some what grown up, wouldn't you love pulling those out year after year? I know I would!

So here are a few fun crafts that you can do with your children (while most need some adult guidance..) and you will not only have a cute festive decoration for your home, but you will also have a keepsake or possibly a fun gift to hold onto!

Oh and another tip, if you do decide to save some of these crafts, write the date and your children's age on the bottom, that's a great keepsake for years down the road! 

...Back to the goods! Since it is September, I am going to pull a few of my favorite Pinterest crafts that I have seen that are geared for fall!

1. Crafty 4x4 Pumpkin Blocks


These are adorable pumpkin blocks that I found on Pinterest, compliments of Simply Kierste! So cute, and so easy! All you need is a 4x4 post, some paint, tape & price stickers and a little roughed up love with some sand paper! Voila!

This is something that your kids can definitely help with by making their own designs and then you get adorable pumpkins on your patio! Take a look here for the details!

Lets make punkies!

2. Halloween Jar Luminaires


Another great find, thanks to Crafts by Amanda! I love these because you can have your kids pick what color they want their pumpkin or ghoul to be... and they get to have as much fun as they want painting on the face! 

This is a pretty cost efficient craft, just some paint, mason jars (which we all know are a dime a dozen these days,) and some clear glaze to coat them . Take a look here!

Luminaries for everyone!

3. Floating Paper Pumpkins


This craft just kills me... its one of the simplest things you can do, and they add such a cute detail to your home! Basically... cut, staple, scrunch, and ta-da, you have adorable festive windows or entryways! This one goes out to all my 9-5 mamas who still want to be crafty after work! Thanks Meaningful Mama!

Simple & Fun Pumpkins!

4. Mason Jar Pumpkins


These, I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I used to have a little home goods consignment shop and I bet these would sell off the shelves! Another really cute fun craft you can do with your kids to either give away as festive gifts, or jazz up a centerpiece! We have Desiree from The 36th Avenue to thank for this number! 

Again, such simple materials... paint, wood pegs, glue, and some colored card stock! I am even going out on a limb to say you could probably do most of these crafts with a handful of the same materials which is the best news! 

Adorable Pumpkin Jars

5. Painted Pumpkins


Last but not least... here are some fun ideas for painted pumpkins! Again, a great craft to decorate your home or patio with fun pumpkins (and wait till you check out all of the options!) but also, a way to not get tired of pumpkins since lets face it... they are now in "decor" season from about the end of August until December... so mix it up! 

This post from Lollyjane shows everything from purely painted, to taped off, glitter, dripping paint, gold, argyle, geometric patterns, numbers, you name it! 

30+ Painted Pumpkin Ideas

So there you have it, some simple crafts for all of us to enjoy, even those of us who might not think we are very crafty!