Shoot & Share Photo Contest

A fun part of being a photographer is not only shooting the events and the moments, which if COURSE we love the most, but the other great thing to do is embrace our creative community and enter contests for blogs and use that feedback to better our craft! We entered the Shoot & Share Photo Contest this year because we love this community and the un-biased contest that they offer annually. A huge reason we love this contest is because its completely anonymous and you have to slowly sift through photos choosing your favorite in sets of four! There is no way to promote your own photos, or even see your own photos (unless by luck!) which makes it very exciting for the whole month of voting.

The first being This beautiful photo, taken at San Francisco City Hall, was our top performer. It was in the top 2% of the contest and beat out 11,447 other photos in it's category! This was one of those dream moments! City Hall is a very busy place, with dozens of wedding couples usually trying to get photos here. We had the couple posed and were lucky enough to get about 2 seconds where there was nobody in the frame! Shing and Linda are the sweetest couple and we are so happy we could catch a beautiful moment like this for them!

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This photo placed in the top 4% beating out 10,188 other photos in it's category! Mind blowing! I love this photo so much because not only does it show the amount of pure joy they had after just tying the knot, but it also shows how important it is to be completely comfortable and trust the people you have taking your wedding photos. Sometimes we might ask you to do something that sounds weird or dumb, but you have to trust that we have a good reason! When we told them to jump with joy, they didn't ask why, they said how high?!

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Here is our third top performer in the photo contest! It got in the top 8% beating out 10,688 other photos in it's category! This photo is so gorgeous on it's own, for so many reasons. Beautiful lighting and a sweet embrace make it look amazing! But honestly what makes this photo so special to us is the circumstances surrounding it. Alli & Alex brought us with them to Italy for their October wedding. To say this was the opportunity of a lifetime is an understatement! But for these two, the logistics of planning and hosting a wedding in another country proved to be a BIG challenge. There were so many stressful hurdles to maneuver, one of which was the threat of rain on the wedding day. The spot where this photo was taken is where the dinner was planned to be served. But with the threat of rain, Alli decided to move the reception inside. She stayed calm through everything and there was definitely someone looking out for these two, because right before the outdoor ceremony began, the skies cleared a little and the rain stopped just long enough for the ceremony and cocktail hour! Then the rain broke once more when it was time for the first dance. They were able to go to this beautiful gazebo and dance under the chandelier where we captured this beautiful moment of the two of them so comfortable, relaxed and happy in each others arms. It's moments like these, with all of the stuff that goes on in the background, that gets us a little emotional and ignites that passion for what we do all over again! We will never forget this wedding for so many reasons and I love that with no background information about this photo, it did so amazing in the competition!

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Our 4th top performer in the photo contest was from Brittney and Dan! This photo placed in the top 10% beating out 9,949 other photo in it's category! One of our favorite parts of a wedding are first looks. Whether it's the bride and groom, bride and dad, or in this case the bride doing a first look with her bridesmaids. First looks are always such a special time! There's something about that moment when the bride is finally in the dress she's dreamed about since she was a little girl and being able to show it off to the ones she loves most. When Brittney's bridesmaids saw her in her dress for the first time, they couldn't stop gushing over her! The emotion of the day, and the moment struck her and for just a quick second she broke down a little. It's one of those fleeting moments that comes and goes so quickly, you may not even remember it happening. Her bridesmaids had her laughing and smiling again as quick as it came and that happiness went on through the rest of the night. It's so amazing to be a part of these moments and have the opportunity to capture them! This is why we feel it is so important to not just have someone to take photos on your wedding day, but to have someone you trust completely and are as comfortable with as the friends and family you have with you that day. You need to be able to be present in the moment with your loved ones, rather than worrying about what your photographer is doing (or not doing). At the end of the day, these photos are all you have left.

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This is our next top performer beating out 9,983 other photos! This photo was taken during our first destination wedding in Italy this past fall with this amazing couple who opened up their arms to us with their family and friends and invited us to an intimate gathering for their wedding. We will share more on Facebook in the next few days, so stay tuned!!

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What makes me love this next photo so much is that it is a huge reason why we love our job!! We absolutely LOVE catching that candid laugh or moment with our couples, and this is a perfect example! Not everyone gets to go bowling on their wedding day, but when you do, you might as well have a blast right?! Beating out 14,628 other photos in its category we have our beautiful bride Natalie! More to come on Facebook soon!

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Here is another great shot, just two people in love living their best life, right?! We absolutely love this shot and had so much fun with these two cruising through the vineyard during sunset! This shot beat out 8,632 other amazing couples portraits putting us in the top 20% of the contest!

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As you can see… we love our sunset golden hour time with our couples, here is another fun time away with the duo enjoying their first hours together beating out 8,671 other photos in its category!

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Another one of our finalists, such an amazing shoot with these two and they are so in love!! This photo beat out 37,820 other photos in its category and we can only thank our amazing couple (and those sexy velvet red heels) for that!!

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The couple below and above are actually the same adorable couple, what is funny is we recreated this shot from their engagement session on their wedding day (above) because we loved it so much!! I guess everyone else agreed as well, giving this photo below 20% vote beating out 39,068 other shots!

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Here is one more from Brittany & Taylor’s dream day, and of course her fantastic shoes and gorgeous custom ring! This shot beat out 15,137 detail photos in its category! Stay tuned for more information on this awesome shot!

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This adorable duo is one of our most recent couples who just got married in January!! They are so sweet and cute and smitten… and what else can I say about them!? We took this cute shot during their engagement session in Davis, and loved every minute of the rest of the shoot, beating out 34,248 other shots!

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The photo below is one of my favorite detail shots and I am so glad that so many others thought the same! The details of this reception space were amazing and impeccable! It took an awesome coordinator, designer, florist, rental company, bride, venue and vision to create this beauty and I am so glad we were able to take part and capture it!! The lighting captured this table setting perfectly and created the vibe that was needed for this shot and we love looking back at it! This photo placed ahead of 13,468 other detail shots!

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We had so much fun this year entering this contest and loved every photo that was ranked and scored! This year almost 600,000 photos were entered from 160 different countries! We are allowed to enter 50 photos which are then voted on by millions of people. There were nearly 100 million votes tallied this year! All of our photos did really well, but we had 13 get in the TOP 30% or better, and TWO were FINALISTS! Its pretty crazy to look through the rankings and see some of our awesome shots (mainly of our handsome grooms) who were at 30.1% and almost made the cut!! We cannot wait until next year to enter again and see what happens, because we know that 2019 is going to be off the hooooook! ;)