Capture Create Studios TEAM!

We are SO excited to be able to announce that we have expanded our studio name and have been able to add a few new amazing creatives!! This last season was amazing, and it really helped us narrow in our brand and our bride! This next season we had a ton of inquiries we could not book because of the popular dates... which got us thinking, maybe its time to expand! 

So here is our new team! We are not offering two teams of shooters, and we are also adding in the option for video with our photography collections! 


On the left we have Christina! Christina picked up her first camera in 2005 and fell in love! She studied photography at California State University of Sacramento and started pursuing weddings right out of college in 2010. She is pretty silly, a little weird, and really nice!! (Trust us, you'll love her!) She told us that she loves capturing weddings because there's nothing quite as special as documenting the day two people commit their lives to each other, and we agree!

On the right we have Britney! Britney spent a year learning video production at the Art Institute where she changed her passion to follow photography. She later graduated from California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelor of Art in Photography, she has now been in the photography industry for over 6 years. She said her favorite part of the wedding day is seeing the bride and groom getting ready. "It’s when the nerves hit, the excitement, and fast pace comes to play, I love every minute of it."


And below you have Jon and Chelsea! I feel like we are always describing the two of us as a team, so lets break it down for you! 

Jon... Jon is the reason we have Capture Create to begin with! He had a passion years ago to be able to pick up his camera and capture moments around him without interfering with them! He wanted to be a videographer first, but figured photography might be a more well rounded way to learn video... and fell in love with photography in the meantime!

Chelsea came into this company being a creative at heart, and Jon's right hand man. She is an interior architect, a kitchen designer, and an artist, so when he threw a camera at her, it didnt take long for her to figure out the ins and outs of it! 

Together we found that not only we complimented each other due to our unique artistic eyes, but helped keep each other at ease during a stressful day, which is really what Capture Create is all about... capturing the day beautifully and candidly without causing commotion or change! 


So we are thrilled to expand our team, and cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for us! It will be a new adventure and a new stage of growth, but if you are not learning and growing, what are you doing?!