2019 Wedding Trends

Every year we see similar trends pop up throughout our weddings, but it is always so fun to see the changes that come with each coming year as well!! 2019 has a lot of new trends popping up, and we are so excited to see some of them! Below are 10 of the trends that we are most excited about and why!

  1. Unique Seating Charts


Seating Charts have always been a huge part of the wedding day, and we absolutely love that they are getting their own character these days! It is so fun to walk into a reception and see a unique chart, whether it is on wine bottles (like above) or possibly built and hung on a unique material! I cannot wait to see what it popular this coming season, there are so many creative couples we are meeting right now, I know they are going to do an awesome chart for their day!

2. Natural & Eco Friendly Details


Another trend that is shining bright this year is using more natural elements to accent the day! There are so many great ways to do this with the decor, with the table settings and with the ceremony area. I think its beautiful to see the unique florals coming more into play with bouquets and tables and veering away from the traditional vibe or roses and carnations. The greeneries are so pretty and this year I keep seeing inspiration boards showcasing grasses, which will add a ton of texture and color as well!

3. Personalized Touches


Another cute trend is personalization! More and more we hear from our couples that they want their day to be unique and to be THEM, which is how it should be! We have seen surprised monogram’s in the past, custom suits, custom colors, I cant wait to see what else is to come!

4. Veils a bye bye


This trend I think will be a 50/50 trend with veils going by the wayside… we still see a ton of the beautiful long cathedral veils and even some heirloom veils passed down from the brides mothers! But I do like the idea of doing something unique to your hair and making it more of a statement than needing a veil to complete the look, so lets see what comes in 2019!!

5. Practical Favors


Wedding favors are a huge cost of the day that a lot of people overlook, and sadly some of these favors are forgotten or left at the reception, so its really nice to see that couples are reigning that in a bit and thinking of more practical items that their guests will use! This past season we saw jams, candles, coffee beans, a lot of fun and creative ways for the couple to showcase something significant to them that their guests can utilize later!

6. Bold & Playful Color


I love the idea that color palettes are becoming more of a suggestion and less strict. Its fun to see all of the different hues and shades when a couple decides on a color, and in this upcoming season we are supposed to see a more playful side of that, with couples showcasing more colors and having more fun with their wedding day. I for one love the romantic and dark hues that have been popping up this last year, but am also super excited to see a more playful and whimsical take on the wedding day!

7. Textures and VELVET!


Did someone say Velvet!? I LOVE velvet, its such a beautiful texture, I really hope we get some couples who embrace this trend and we can capture it! I swear it is like a magic material, its so romantic and soft, but holds such vibrant color and is such a standout piece it really takes the show! We have seen pops of it here and there in the last couple years, but here is to hoping for some awesome velvet coverings or napkins to really emphasize the day!

8. Structural Floral Arrangements


Structural elements add a ton to the day, whether it is the backdrop to a ceremony, or maybe a cool element behind the head table, we love it! The one thing that I really like about it, is more often than not when a couple decides to add something structural to their day, they are actually the ones who build it! So its more sentimental, its a one of a kind and it adds a whole new twist to their decor! Can’t wait to see what comes up for 2019 with this trend!

9. Copper & Gold Tones & Vintage Glam


Personally I am a gold kind of girl, so it makes me so happy to see that the rose gold, copper and other golds have really become popular the last few years! I think they are so beautiful when accompanied by whites and bold colors, so I know that this will be a trend that will continue for a while… Another awesome thing we have seen and are expecting to see more of is the vintage glam! I love when there is a cool vintage twist to the day, it might be in the gown, the grooms attire, the decor or even as awesome as a heirloom fur jacket!

10. Unique Bridal Parties


Gone are the days of 5 or 6 bridal party members on each side, girls on one and guys on the other. We have heard a few of our couples who have a mixed party planned this year and we are so excited to see it! We had a Best Ma’am last year and it was awesome! We also had the pleasure of watching a fully grown flower boy walk down the aisle which was a fun twist as well! I love that couples are keeping the tradition of the wedding day alive but adding their own take to it… because after all it is your day right?!

These are a few of the upcoming trends that we are expecting to see this year, and we are so excited for them! Wedding photography is fun and a huge part of that is because each and every wedding is so unique and different that it really makes going to work a whole new experience every weekend! We love watching trends change and evolve and cannot wait to see the creativity fly for 2019!!