Catta Verdera Wedding Film

We recently had a fantastic time working with the new Mr. & Mrs. Kranich and finally wrapped up their highlight video!! These two are the cutest couple, they are both a little reserved but together you just see them light up, laughing and smiling at each other nonstop! 

We asked them to tell us their story, and they gave us an amazing bio, so we had to share it with you all! 

"Christina first laid eyes on Paul while welcoming him to her Banking Center. They shook hands as they introduced one another, and Christina was very impressed by Paul's handsome looks. The introduction was professionally brief, and the two went on their separate ways. Roughly five months later, Christina received a promotion and was transferred to the Banking Center where Paul worked. By this time they were both casually dating others, and work kept them busy. They're personal correspondence began when Christina texted Paul to remind him of an early appointment she'd booked on his calendar the following day (it was an early appointment and he was typically late... covering my bases haha!). One text led to another, and they did what all business professionals do... met outside of work ;]. They met up often, and grew fond of each other. Next thing they were going steady, and having a great time together. Christina quickly learned that Paul was really Paul's professional name, but his entire family called him Evan. She started referring to her boyfriend as Evan, and a lot of her family and friends thought she'd met someone new! To this day, nobody's really sure what to call him, but Christina's surly switched to Evan :]. After three years of dating, Evan got down on one knee in the kitchen to ask Christina to marry him. It was a very Evan-like proposal ;]. Evan was supposed to ask while they were at Apple Hill earlier that day, but nothing about 'the spot' seemed quite right, so he opted for home instead. The ring is absolutely stunning, and very Christina-like! Wedding planning has been underway since shortly after the engagement, so a little over a year now, and we're SO ready to be married!! Evan's profession is in finance, and the way his mind operates is sort of 'function over form'. He's not into how things look more than what value they provide. With that, he's been disengaged with regards to wedding planning because 1. It's quite costly and with the profession he's in, it'd drive him crazy and 2. He just doesn't see the need for certain things, and he'd rather just let his bride-to-be do whatever her heart desires. Christina knows her soon-to-be husband, so while these facts may bother some, they don't bother her :]. With that, Christina's planned everything with a traditional/timeless theme in mind. Her parents have been a HUGE help. She's an only child, and daddy's little girl. They've gone above and beyond to make sure she has her special day. Christina has always referred to herself as a 'caretaker', and wants her guests to have an amazing time. She's planned with all of them in mind, and truly hopes that everyone enjoys themselves. We're beyond excited to have Jon and Chelsea capture our big day that means SO much to us, and can't wait to see the magic they create."

Of course after reading that you instantly love this couple, and as you'll see in the video their vows are just as amazing, sweet, and funny! We had a great time not only with the couple, but their entire bridal party was full of excitement and emotion, especially their sassy flower girl who stole the show when she walked down the aisle! 

We had the pleasure of working at Catta Verdera, had the amazing MC and DJ services of Creative Memories Entertainment, photography was by Anna Perevertaylo and the GORGEOUS set up and coordination was done by Jenn Robirds Events

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