Every Wedding is Unique, No Kidding!!

One thing that I absolutely love about my job is that it is different, EVERY... single... time! We all know the drill, clock in - lunch - clock out, but when you work weddings, its not like that at all! Yes typically you are working on a Saturday or Sunday, and its anywhere from 6-100 hours... but trust me it does not repeat every weekend, and that is the beauty of this career!! 

1. Timeline

First things first, the timeline is NEVER set in stone, and it rarely runs smoothly no matter how great of a coordinator you have or how organized of a couple you are, but that's okay! One thing we have learned over the years is that usually there is too much time somewhere, and not enough time somewhere else... so while you might get behind while getting ready (yes, this is probably going to happen) we might get you caught back up during the ceremony, or even with family photos! So there is always time in the day to fudge with... (and hey, it wouldn't be a wedding without a little chaos right!?) Besides, the important part of the day are the moments, which can take as much time as they want when you ask us, just look at this cute set below! 


2. Tears of Joy

One thing I love about this day is the emotion behind it!! So many times we assume who might get weepy, but more often than not we are surprised! Lets say our groom is very strong and laid back, not showing any emotion during the day... you never know if he is going to lose it when he sees his significant other walking down the isle or not!! (ahem... like below!) Same with the bride, there are some girls who I always assume will be grabbing their Maid of Honor's tissue all day, and not a single tear! It's fun to witness and see what unfolds! 


3. Details! 

Details are such a huge part of the day, whether you are a DIY couple or a hands off couple, the details outline a huge part of who you two are as a couple and what the entire day will convey to your family and friends! We LOVE the details, it is one of the main things that got us hooked in this industry! We love the little mementos around the venue, from centerpieces to guestbooks!

Below you'll see the handcut paper flowers from the bride's Cricut that the event coordinator insisted on putting on the cake because they were so dang cute!! (we agree...) And you'll also see the adorable heart that the bride's father sodered with the new couple's name for them to hang above their ceremony alter! 


4. Surprise Elements

Another great thing about weddings is that each and every one usually has a special twist on it that the last didn't have! We love catching a surprise vintage car in the driveway, or a twist on the traditional sparkler exit! There are all kinds of fun and unique touches, we love capturing them all! 

Isn't this moment the best!? The groom secretly had been fixing up this awesome car for his bride to ride away with after the ceremony! Clearly... he did a kick a$$ job! 


The reception below will always be in our stack of memories! The groom spent months working on an awesome ballad for his bride that he performed with two violinist's while he played piano, sang, and even did a slight rap towards the end... romantic or what!? 


5. Toasts

Toast's have to be one of the funnest parts of the night, and if you are thinking you DON'T want them.. you should think about it a little more... This is such a great time where you get to hear some fun stories, loving stories, and probably some amazing tear jerkers too! We love this part of the day, we get such amazing emotion and really learn who our couples are!! After all, when you spend 8-12 hours with us, we're all friends anyway right?! 


As you can see, weddings offer so much variety... big wedding, small wedding, multiple day event, DIY all the way, elaborate draping, gorgeous outdoor immersed, and more! Its so hard to know what the day will bring, and that is why we enjoy each and every couple that walks through our doors!