2018 Wedding Trends!

As a photographer we notice a lot of the small details that our couples put into their wedding day, which is why we love seeing new trends and changes to the industry! Based on what we have seen in the last couple months, and after talking with what our couples have planned for their weddings coming up, its exciting to see some of the new trends! 

1. Greenery and Natural Tablescapes

We LOVE this idea! Seeing the natural greenery being added to the wedding day is so amazing and adds so much character and texture to the space! Eucalyptus, fern, sage, are all great foilage we are seeing more of! 

2. Custom Handmade Signage

This has to be one of my favorite trends, I have always loved handwritten signs, we even did them at our wedding 6 years ago with love quotes! It makes me so happy to see these big amazing wood and glass signs with beautiful calligraphy around on the wedding day! Not only is it a great memory to take with you that you could use as decor in your home later on, but each one really shows something special about the couple, a fun phrase or a cute tidbit about their unique love! 

3. Vintage Details, DIY style (without the mason jars...)

Another trend we love seeing is the vintage eclectic style! This has been popular for a long time, but its slowly moving into a more elegant form... less country/shabby chic, and more classic with vintage place settings, and other unique elements like vintage furniture and accessories. I think this helps make the wedding "theirs" without having to compete with style trends! 

4. Metallic Tones & Geometric Patterns

We are seeing way more golds and metallics than we ever have! I think a lot of wedding trends tend to stem from day to day trends, and as we have all noticed gold is making a come back as well as the mid century modern look. So this season we expect to see a good amount of metals, geometric patterns, even mixing in marbles and other stones will probably be popular! 

5. Food Displays

More and more we are seeing fun food displays at weddings, and this next season we have heard that they are going one step further! We usually see dessert bars, and tables such as that, but now I think we might see more appetizer tables, more walls, and other fun ways to display food! Dont judge me for being pretty excited about this trend.... !