10 Tips to Brides for Summer Weddings (From a Photographer’s Prospective)

On your day, the most important thing is to enjoy your day but there are many things to think of beforehand to make that day go smoothly. (Like you haven’t heard that sentence like 1,000 times at this point.) This list was more-or-less created to help you think about things that you may not have thought about. Take these tricks and turn them into your own creative ideas, so that your special day is completely unique to you!


1) Find shade Doorways, shade trees, the back of a barn, inside your get-away car all give wonderful unique photos in a shaded area. Here’s what happens when you take photos in direct sunlight: It’s scorching to the bride and groom, the photo will be over-exposed (but that could be cool too, check out tip number2), and there will be weird shadows. So if at all possible find all the shade you can: It will help keep hair and make-up in place because you won’t be sweating, it will give nice “soft” light for the photographer, and your bridal party won’t be complaining about standing in the heat.

(This shot was taken when it was 105 degrees!!)

(This shot was taken when it was 105 degrees!!)


2) But don’t fear the sun Although shade is ideal, you can do really cool things with the intense light. Sun flares, cool shadows, back-lighting, over-exposed background, and rim-lighting (happens when the sun is directly behind you giving an angelic outline to the subject) are just a few things photographers can do with mid-day lighting.



3) Tell your photographers when you’re getting too hot If you have been shooting out in the sun for a while, and because you have been too busy getting ready to eat or drink anything, you feel faint or need to get out of the sun, PLEASE SAY SO! Your health and happiness (especially on the big day) is much more important than capturing a nice sun flare.


4) Everything takes longer than you think This is true for any wedding (summer, fall, spring, winter) that you plan for two hours to get ready and in actuality it takes 3 and a half. In the summer especially, taking group photos takes forever because everyone is hot and excited. Plan extra time for everything!



5) Hand held fans You’re going to sweat. (Unless you are THE chosen one, in which case I am so jealous!) And while most of the time sweat isn’t hard to fix in photos, it’s very uncomfortable. I recommend buying a cheap hand held fan, you know, the battery operated ones with foam blades that you loved as a kid, and keep it with you at all times.


6) Don’t feel like you have to pose all the time Again, this is pretty general tip, not necessarily for the summer. You hired a photographer to catch all the moments, so you don’t have to pose every single second. You love your partner and that will come out in the photos. Besides, isn’t candid better anyway?

Best first look ever?! Embrace the candid!

Best first look ever?! Embrace the candid!


7) Turn up the AC before anything else At the venue, in the room where you’re getting ready, in your car. Wherever you may be your emotions and adrenaline are going to be running hot and the room is going to be full of people, making it even worse. Do yourself a favor and bump up the AC before you even need to think about it.


8) Help your guests out If you, the bride, are hot it’s safe to assume you’re guests are too. A nice gesture would be to have a basket in the bathroom to help them freshen up. This could include: mini deodorants, body spray, sunscreen, blotters, bug spray, mints, and mini water bottles. It shows your guests you are thinking of them and it also serves as a backup for you in case your personal stash of bug spray and deodorant goes missing.


9) Use oil-free makeup Have I mentioned that it’s going to be hot and you’re going to sweat? Well, take one more precaution and use oil-free primer and makeup for your face. This helps keep your face from getting to oily and shiny.



10) Perfume or bug spray? How about BOTH! If your wedding is outdoors, don’t forget bugs could be a problem. But to add a little extra to the spray, you put the insect repellent in beautiful glass perfume bottles. It’s classy, ecofriendly, and solves the problem!

Written by: A Wortz   |  Images by: Capture Create Studios