Wedding Photography Should be Fun!

We absolutely love our job, and we love the fact that what we get to do day in and day out is even considered a J-O-B! We always want to convey to our clients that a key to our photography and the shots that we get is comfort and fun, because who are we kidding... no great photo came from someone being uncomfortable or stiff, amiright?! 

We created this fun ad that we ran on our instagram showcasing some of our weddings from this last year and some of the great shots we were able to capture! 

Take a look and let us know what you think!

In the end there are so many talented photographers out there who will do an amazing job capturing your day, its all about personality. So while your best friend may want X photographer, you might not click well with them, and even if their work is off the charts, its really more about the experience... so when you are looking for YOUR photographer make sure you keep that in mind, look at all of your options!