To First Look, or Not to First Look? A Special Point of View

We always love to meet with our couples and talk about their timeline, and shot list, and every time the talk about the infamous "first look..." comes up! While it's not for everyone, we really love when our clients choose to take the leap and do a first look together because it adds a whole part to their day that isn't in every wedding!

We always ask a few questions when trying to determine if the first look is for them, so let us help you out by sharing those questions and maybe you will soon find out if the first look is something that is up your alley too! 

1. Are either you or your fiance anxious or nervous personalities? 

Why do we ask? Because there is a sense of peace and ease that comes along with the first look, and while the anticipation can be fun for some of us, it might actually ruin the first half of the day for the others... In this case, we say get those jitters out and do a first look, because you really will enjoy the rest of your day so much more!!

2. Is cocktail hour important to you to mingle and see all of your guests? 

Another great aspect of the first look is the fact that we can get a lot of the bridal party photos and some of the family photos out of the way before the ceremony so when you wrap up your "i do's" you have less photos to take...and more party to enjoy! If this is something that really stands out to you and you dont want to miss it, then we think you should definitely consider a first look! 

3. ALONE time! 

This is probably the biggest reason why we love the first look. When you are planning your wedding, you are so excited for all of the parts of the day: the details, the venue, the food, but one element that you overlook is that while it is your wedding day, you really only see your other half for part of it... and you really are NEVER alone that entire time... so we love our first looks mainly because it gives our couples a little piece of alone time to see each other, talk with each other, and enjoy each others company without an audience. 

4. Emotions, emotions, emotions! 

So many couples want that picturesque photo of the groom bawling his eyes out as he sees his bride walking down the isle... which don't get us wrong, we want that photo too!! But what we have seen over the years is less of that, and more of a nervous groom who is so worried about composing himself and keeping it together we rarely get that amazing emotional shot. This is another reason we love the first look. Now we arent saying that your guy wont let the waterworks run as your walking down the isle, but when you are alone it seems like the raw emotions really come out and it is such a moving and touching moment to be part of. 

5. Did we mention they can be fun?

Last but definitely not least is how fun these can actually be!! Again, thinking of the fact that you are alone and intimate really opens the door up to so many great emotions and reactions that not only do we get couples who are sensitive and heartfelt, but we also get couples who are so excited and beside themselves that they can barely contain it!! These are the photos that we strive to capture, and if having a first look with your beau helps creates that feeling, then we want to encourage it 100%! 


So like I said... we try not to be biased FOR the first look... but when we see the photos we get out of it, and the amount of either excitement, relaxation, emotion and just plain LOVE we kind of are a little biased... and if I had to do it all over again, I would take the leap and do it 10 times with my hubby! ;)