Is Videography Worth it?! A Professional Point of View

Let’s talk about Videography! So many couples inquire asking about having both photography and video shot, but majority of the time they add in video as a second choice, and do not budget for it properly… Doing this either leaves a dissatisfied couple having to outsource, or it doesn’t allow video at all! We hate when either of these options happen, and I think the biggest reason is that there is no education about how much videography has changed over the years, so people can’t actually prepare for what they WANT! 

This is obviously a topic that hits close to home, because we cherish our video couples as much as our photography couples, and we love when we can chat about the option and open up a whole new element for their wedding day, because video really is magical when done correctly. 


So now to the point… when you think of videography, what are you thinking? Because there are two general paths video can take you!

    A.    I think of my parents wedding video, with one camera at the back of the venue videoing everything from a tripod, maybe with a few cuts to different angles. 
    B.    I think of a cinematic experience, where my fiancé and I are the stars of a fun romantic rendition of our wedding day. 


If you chose A, then you will easily find someone to add into your wedding day budget, because this type of videography is a little less labor intensive, and is more budget friendly. If you chose B, this is where most of our couples start getting discouraged… because of course you want the cinematic experience, but finding the budget for it is hard… but trust us, it is well worth it in the end, and you will re-live your wedding over and over again with chills (and possibly tears) and will not ever look back wondering what if. 
So this takes me to my next point, how much video has CHANGED! We just started offering video 2 years ago, and even in that time it has changed, so you can only imagine how much it has changed in the last 10-20 years. Like everything in our industry, the changes happen every season, and we have to adapt to them! Currently adapting means creating an amazing cinematic video for our couples and letting them see and feel all of the elements of their day that they may miss out on or forget (because trust us… it’s a crazy day!) 
Our main goal is to let couples know… when you see these moving and heartfelt videos on your friends Facebook, or on YouTube, they are well thought out, and it takes just as much work (if not more) than photography does… Both are entirely different entities and while they complement each other beautifully, they each take a unique artist that can execute them the way you deserve. So when you trying to budget for video keep in mind these ideas and why the cost of these cinematic features are a little more than what your parents or older siblings had:
   -    Sorting through raw video footage to find amazing shots and momentous parts of your day
   -    Syncing up the footage with the sound to make sure its high quality and smooth
   -    Finding licensed music to not only create a specific feeling but impact the overall emotion of the video
   -    Meshing together great scenes to make smaller montages/highlights of your day, like your getting ready montage, first dances, toasts etc. 
   -    The amount of extra equipment required the day of – microphone, tripods, drone, recorders, monopods and gimbals

So we just want to help in the world of photo and video to make our couples realize that video is worth so much more than its given credit for, and while some people actually want video more than photo, majority see it the other way, and we hate seeing video as the ugly step sister… ;) So reach out to your photographer if you are curious about video, because even if they do not offer it, I am sure they have some AMAZING recommendations on who can rock your video out of the park!!