Artistic Woodsy Engagement Session

We had the pleasure of working with one of our 2018 couples last week and shooting their engagement session! We LOVE engagement sessions, not only because we get a chance to take great photos, but mainly because it gives us a moment to spend some time with our couples and get to know them without the stress of a wedding going on!

We actually have realized a huge difference in the weddings where we show up the day of after only meeting our couples a time or two for coffee, versus the ones where we shoot engagement photos and get to really spend some time together…which is why we include them in our collections now! Because to us it basically boils down to… do our clients want a stranger shooting them on their wedding day, or do they want a friend? We chose the latter, therefore YOU get an engagement session, YOU get an engagement session, and YOU get one too!! ;)

We had so much fun with Kayla & Brittan cruising the gorgeous grounds of The Maples Wedding & Event Center in Woodland, getting to play with their puppies and hear a little bit more about them, what they do, and how they met!! They were so cute and even brought along the bottle of wine from their engagement to take a few photos with (which happen to be some of my favorite of the night!)

Take a look at this fun little video we put together showing off these two and their adorable puppies!

We are Sacramento Wedding Photographers, and we are venturing to all of the unique and fun areas that are offered around here… if someone ever though Sacramento was just a city, or the capital… they were WRONG, there are so many amazing small communities surrounding Sacramento with such great potential in the eyes of photography, we cannot wait to see where the next engagement session takes us!! Stay tuned and follow our blog for new updates and more images!

PSA - A little shout out to The Maples, as well… If you are looking for a venue that is gorgeous, well maintained, and run beautifully while still having the freedom and capability of adding your own DIY spark to it, this place is right up your alley! We met the coordinator a while back and couldn’t believe the possibilities they have there, if we were to get married again, I think this might be our first choice!! It’s rustic, but very chic at the same time and it really has everything you need right there on the property! (EXPANSIVE property might I add…)