Cell-fie Nation!

While most of us are consumed with our cell phones and tablets during day to day life, (just admit it) a large trend now is having an "unplugged" wedding. We love the idea of everyone being unplugged during the ceremony, its an amazing moment to be a part of, but to be honest, what we actually enjoy even more is when brides embrace the social media movement and get excited about it for the rest of the night, like the table setting below! 

My wife and I always love the cute signs and invites that have the #ourwedding010215 for Instagram or Facebook, because when we got married (only 4 years ago) cell phones weren't a popular thing, so we didnt even have the option! (A lot has changed, right?) But seeing those signs really light us up, we get to sneak around the reception trying to find those social media guests taking selfies, pictures of the cake, pictures with the bride and groom, and as photographers we get to catch that on camera! 

Here are a couple of our favorite shots, we have even started a selfie folder for all of these! 

So keep in mind while planning your wedding, that instead of banning phones altogether, maybe asking guests to be unplugged for the ceremony, but embrace it for the rest of the night is your best route. Based on what we have seen, people have a lot of fun posting to the hashtags, so take advantage of that! 

If you need a custom sign, here is a link to Etsy where they have all kinds of great styles of unplugged signs! 

Etsy Unplugged Wedding Signs

Enjoy and have fun planning your big day!